R&M has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry building FRP RF transparent fiberglass components used all over the world.

Not only does R&M exceed in quality, functionality, and timeliness, but also in being the most cost effective — keeping our clients more competitive in their bids and more profitable upon project completion. We provide the following and more for any unique project.

  • Radome concealment
  • Roof structure concealment
  • Tower concealment
  • Screening concealment
  • Water tower concealment
  • Church steeple concealment
  • Cross concealment
  • Clock tower concealment
  • Corrugated concealment
  • Cupola concealment
  • Chimney concealment
  • Bell concealment
  • Pipe concealment
  • Cap concealment
  • Flagpole concealment
  • Brick concealment
  • Silo concealment